Wavelengths is a non-auditioned community choir performing a wide range of music, founded in 2018 by its director, Denis Donnelly. It draws its participants from all over the Greater Victoria region including the Saanich Peninsula.

The next season of Wavelengths will begin on February 21, 2022.  Due to the current pandemic, weekly rehearsals will be held on-line 7:00 – 9:15 on the Zoom platform (https://zoom.us/). Further information is below in the “Registration and Fees” section.

Wavelengths enthusiastically welcomes all who wish to participate in the joyful experience of singing in harmony with others. No previous singing experience or any technical knowledge of music is required.


Members of the choir are highly diverse in age and in background. Some have been singing all their lives and can read music fairly well, while for others, this will be the first time in their adult lives that they have participated in singing in group harmony. We understand that people come with varying backgrounds in singing, and so, especially in the first few weeks of each session, there will be some short songs that are easy to pick up aurally, while we will also slowly introduce some of the repertoire that will be performed in the concerts.

Every effort will be made to make newcomers feel welcome, by such things as assisting people with placement in their section, slowly introducing musical concepts, and providing explanation of the sheet music that will be made available.

& Fees

News of the Wavelengths Spring 2022 Season!

This season we will continue with our joint choir together with Wavelengths Community Choir, led by our four voices: Denis, Cathy, Dick, and Denis’ wife, Lynne. We will be starting the new season online the week of Feb. 21, with choir evenings Mondays and Tuesdays. Rehearsals are 7:00 – 8:45 PM, in joint rehearsals with the Gettin’ Higher Choir.

Cathy and Dick will continue their Wednesday evening Sing-In sessions as well. This season, the choir evenings will be focusing more on singing “in the moment” with shorter, quicker-to-learn, delicious songs, and less on longer concert arrangements.

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Concert poster

Wavelengths Community Choir and Gettin’ Higher Choir
Upcoming Benefit Concert for Habitat Acquisition Trust and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria and Area

“Now Is The Time!”

with Special Guest Artist Peggy Seeger.

Saturday, January 29, 2022, 7:00 pm Pacific Time on Zoom and YouTube Live
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For further info please see our FULL concert info.


The Director

Based in Victoria, BC, Denis is an experienced and multi-talented musician whose love affair with music has taken him in many creative directions over the years, as a singer, instrumentalist, arranger, composer, and conductor. For the past 20 years his main focus has been on choral music, for which he has drawn upon his diverse background with different genres and traditions, from folk to classical, and from Medieval to contemporary, as well as a life-long study of poetry, for inspiration and repertoire.

Denis developed his skills on piano and guitar at an early age, and became deeply involved in the folk music scene during the 1960’s, where he discovered his passion for singing in harmony. However, it was his participation in his high school choir, under the direction of Jim Johnson (a BC Choral Federation Herbert Drost award recipient in 2003) that was the pivotal experience in his life. He went on to graduate from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Music degree. Following graduation Denis went on to work at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, becoming its Director in 1985. After overseeing the Conservatory’s purchase, renovation, and move to its current home in the former Metropolitan United Church in 1999, he left to pursue his own musical interests.

From 1999 through to 2018, Denis was the arranger, as well as co-director with Siobhan Robinsong, of the 250+ voice Gettin’ Higher Choir, a non-auditioned, community choir. He has also been their main accompanist, playing guitar, piano, or Celtic harp, for pieces requiring instrumental back-up. In 2005, Denis and Siobhan developed the annual and highly influential and successful Community Choir Leadership Training program, which has led to the creation of the Ubuntu Choirs Network (50+ choirs and growing), a network of non-auditioned, community-based, and socially responsible choirs and singing groups all over North America, all based on the principles of inclusivity and joyful community singing.

In 2001, Denis founded the auditioned 26-voice ensemble Soundings in order to explore a highly eclectic mix of choral music from many genres and traditions more suitable for a small group. He weaves a variety of traditional and lesser known choral works with his own arrangements and compositions to craft programs that are both innovative and entertaining, and which give Soundings a distinctive place in the Victoria vocal community.

Very active as an arranger, Denis’s arrangements and compositions are in frequent use in both Soundings and the Gettin’ Higher Choir, as well as throughout North America, especially within the Ubuntu Choirs Network. His web site www.choralsongs.com has music appropriate for a wide range of choral groups, from simple and easily-taught rounds and chants to more complex arrangements suitable for concert performance.

In June of 2010, Denis was the recipient of the Herbert Drost Award, presented by the British Columbia Choral Federation, “in recognition of his work, dedication and contributions which have provided positive long-term effects on the British Columbia choral community”.

In May of 2018 Denis was awarded a Greater Victoria Community Leadership Award by the Lieutenant-Governor at Government House. Denis was also honoured as an Honorary Citizen of Victoria by the Mayor and Council in a ceremony at Victoria City Hall in July of 2018.

Our Team
& Contacts

Our new Registrar!
Laura Cook has stepped out of the role of Registrar due to her expanding work commitments and we are very please to announce that, as of Feb.10, 2022, our new Registrar is Jo Volek. If you have questions about how to join Wavelengths, how to pay choir fees, or similar things, Jo is the one to talk with. Those interested in participating are asked to contact registrar Jo Volek at 250 727-2605 or [email protected] for further information.

Any questions about repertoire or concerns of a musical nature should be directed to the director here: [email protected]

Music Coordinator
Marilyn is our Music Coordinator. Marilyn and her assistants will hand out all the printed music. If you are missing some music, Marilyn is the one to see.

Choir Contacts

The Choir Contacts are two people in each section who are available to greet new members, answer questions, and generally make sure that everyone is comfortable in their sections. If you have questions, please feel free to ask one of them!

Laura Cook
Jackie MacDonald
Mary-Wynne Ashford
Luda Pross-Laseur
Merrie Houghton
Ted Woynillowicz
Tom Ovanin
Ian Brown


The Ubuntu
Choir Network

Wavelengths is a member of the Ubuntu Choirs Network, a network of affiliated choirs throughout North America and the Pacific Rim, whose directors have participated in, and graduated from, the Community Choir Leadership Training program. This course is held for two weeks annually under the directorship of Denis Donnelly, Cathy Baker, and Dick Jackson (Co-Founder Siobhan Robinsong is enjoying semi-retirement). Their common goals are to be non-auditioned, have an aural rather than a “paper” approach to repertoire learning, and to be socially responsible by donating funds to worthwhile causes.

Ubuntu is a Zulu word which translates as “I am because we are” or “I exist as a person only in relationship to other people”. A wonderful image for a choir!

As Ubuntu is an African word, we did not want to be using it inappropriately, so we consulted with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He wrote back and said: “I am, because you are. A choir is a choir only because its different parts work together harmoniously. Yes, a person truly is a person only through other persons. God bless you in your noble endeavour.”


Soundings is a vibrant and intimate auditioned 26-voice ensemble choir directed by Denis Donnelly that delights its audiences with a highly eclectic mix of vocal choral music, from Medieval through to contemporary works, most of which is performed a capella and off-book. We take pride in presenting tightly rehearsed programs and creating a strong connection with our audiences. Concerts are always an entertaining and enchanting journey through the world of choral music.


The Gettin'
Higher Choir

For information about the Gettin’ Higher Choir, directed by Cathy Baker and Dick Jackson, please: www.gettinhigherchoir.ca

High Noon

Siobhan Robinsong will continue to direct the High Noon Choir